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My Ramadhan Memories

My Ramadhan Memories

  My favourite ramadhan memories?   Naahh, never that I have any “favourite” memories when it comes to Ramadhan. It’s not that I don’t like fasting, even though sometimes I get furious about it, hahahaha! but yeah, after reading admin’s latest entry, which I found […]



So I came across this tweet on Twitter. Twitter is a great time waster you know? You get news and also  uh, tweets like these. First of all, ah boy, please sign up for English lessons with our Cikgu Azhan please tolong. This kakak already […]

What is Your Favourite Ramadan Memory?

What is Your Favourite Ramadan Memory?

Ramadan or Ramadhan is the month where muslims fast and furious. Hahaha. Okay, okay. Kidding. Muslims all around the world are required to fast (berpuasa) if they meet the requirements.

You can Google more about it, because I’m here to share some stories you can’t simply find via googling alone. Hehehe

Half Glass Full

Puasa sekerat hari was one of the best things I enjoyed as a kid. There were multiple types of half-day fasting.

First, the command comes from the higher order. In my case, it was my mother. Ekeke. Ah, I love you, mama. She woke up at 4 a.m. to prepare sahur for our family, she cooked my favourite nasi goreng – that’s fried rice in the target language lol – and she understood the burden a 7-yo kid was having upon schooling for many hours during a hot sunny day…

I mean, look. I returned home from school – tired and unrested. My face was literally ghoulish due to the lack of H2O. And what’s that smell? Oh my… the leftovers from sahur. The next thing I knew, I was putting on my sad face, parading it in front of my mom who would just put her straight face upon looking.

As hideous as I could be, displaying how bad my situation was before her eyes, she finaly muttered..

“Kalau tak larat, bukak la (puasa)”

And the award of The Most Pathetic-Looking Face Yet Succeeded goes to….. xD

Ninja Level 9999

Who would have thought fasting during Ramadan can teach you how to be a ninja, a stealthy one.

There were times my mother would simply ignore my requests and my pathetic-looking faces. Yep. Often I found myself stranded in the middle of frustrations. Never mind. I knew exactly how and when to get my leftovers before they basi. Ekeke

You’ve gotta be smart to outsmart an already the smartest person in your house. In my case, it’s my mom. She always had me caught red-handed. No matter how sneaky I was, trying to gulp down some air sirap from the refrigerator, or how hard I tried to lift the tudung saji quietly… she could almost always smell my ninja moves. Zzz…

But! When there’s a will… there’s a way. My way. Bhahahahaha

Once, I was super hungry and my mother had turned down my requests to bukak puasa at 1 p.m. … and I knew I had to secure the fried eggs in my stomach no matter what! Or how~

So what did I do? Hehehe… The leftovers were under the tudung saji. They’re on the dining table. And you know how much I don’t really like cats kan? But there were a few of them which I had no idea why would my dad insist on keeping them as pets.

Do or Die

Considering how starving I was and how narrow my chances were to make my mother nod to her beloved son’s muka kesian… I quickly grabbed one of the cats, and put it on the dining table. Mom was watching TV kot masa tu in the living room. Then stealthily, I lifted the tudung saji and tore a small chunk of fried egg … wait, it was quite big you know. The yolk. Yaaa. Because I don’t like yolk. Ekeke. Oh ya. And I tossed the fried yolk to the cat – on the dining table. You’re welcome, buddy.

I finished up the rest of the fried egg as fast as I could. While my hands were busy holding the tudung saji up and putting the telur goreng into my mouth, my eyes were busy looking for the sight of my mother. Her shadow told me that she was still sitting on the couch, watching her favourite rancangan masakan. Phew~

“HA!! Buat apa tu!?”

Dead meat

His voice was soft, but I could sense that it’s the moment I heard my dad the loudest. God, I just chugged down the last piece of the fried egg – thankfully it went down smoothly, unlike the time I tercekik guli … lol – giving me an ample amount of seconds to reflex and grab the cat which was munching her share and throw it under the tudung saji.

“Abah! Tengok tuu!! Kucing naik atas meja makan lauk!!”

Smart, aren’t I? Hehehe~


That day I had to ‘bukak puasa’ alone. Not alone, technically… the cats were meowing around me as I was sitting aganst the door, locked outside for curi-curi makan earlier. Lol. God, I blame the cat for its arguable commitment and bad cooperation.

And yes, that’s one of my favourite ramadan’ or ramadhan (whichever you prefer) memories. What’s yours? Don’t tell me you kantoi ponteng puasa too. Ahahahaha

A Room to Breathe

A Room to Breathe

Howdy, beautiful people? Gosh… I can’t remember the last time I used this tab to actually do anything. Hahaha. That’s right. I’m writing this entry via a tablet which I’m pretty much grateful for its existence. Why am I using the good old tab? Because […]

Story of an immigrant

Story of an immigrant

My neighbour is an immigrant from mainland China. She came here 10 years ago with her husband with only $10,000. They had no family here and it was make it or break it. Life was tough for them in China – imagine living in a […]