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31 random facts about me

31 random facts about me

Hello guys!

Today, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and happy to share with you 31 totally random facts about me. (because March has 31 days and since I am narcissist like that, so yeah!)  xD

So here goes:

  1. I hate chores. Literally, hate em’ (-_-) And to be honest, I sometimes cry when I have to iron. I hate ironing. Plus the other chores. But I super hate ironing.
  2. My favourite TV show is Running Man. It’s a Korean reality show. The show is 2-hour per episode and sometimes during the weekend, I can watch the show marathon on TV and just lying on the couch. There was this one day when my mom scolded me for watching 3 episodes in a row and my dad deleted all the episodes that I have recorded. Cry!
  3. When I was 8, I used to have an imaginary friend. Her name was Jexsica. The reason was because I moved to another school and I didn‘t make any friends for about 3-5 months. So when I wrote my diary, I will start with “Dear Jexsica”.
  4. I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I love her so much that I told my dad to take me to her concert if I get 6As and Mumtaz this year. (Please pray for me guys! :D) I love her because she is gorgeous, smart and 99.9% of her songs, she wrote them herself. I often watch videos of her writing her own songs, the making of her music videos etc. She is super C-O-O-L! Hats off for all her efforts and skills.
  5. I have a “Bantal Busuk” that I keep since I was 2. It is a small bolster. Seriously, I just can’t sleep without it. >.<
  6. I super love prawns. Serve me any food with prawns on the table; I can finish the whole dish without thinking bout nothing. I mean, what’s not to love about the juicy and tenderness of it right? Forget flowers, the way into my heart is prawn. Bahahahaha!
  7. When I was 7, I got runoverred by a bicycle at my “ustazah mengaji” house. I liked to be the last person to “mengaji” so I got plenty of time to play outside her house. So this one day, I was playing “kejar-kejar” with my friends and suddenly, there was this boy with a bike who came out of nowhere accidently crashed into me and I fell. I still have the scar on my left knee. Plus, I got scolded by my “ustazah”.
  8. I am a person who doesn’t easily give compliments unless I feel they truly deserve it.
  9. I am a very secretive person. I don’t simply share my deepest, darkest secrets with anybody. But I am a good listener. And I attend to all my friends’ problems whenever they need me. That is why I can easily get upset if they don’t listen to my words.
  10. My favourite colour is yellow.
  11. My favourite weekday is Wednesday. I know most people love Friday, but I love Wednesday the most. Because on Wednesday, we get to leave early from “Sekepal Dua” (12.40pm) so I have a lot of time resting at home before going to Sekolah Arab at 2.30pm. And at 3.30pm, I will go back to Sekepal Dua for the co-curricular activity. Even if there is no ‘coco’, we can still leave early from the Sekolah Arab. Boleh terus balik rumah dah. Best day ever!
  12. I have a severe habit of biting my lips. I like to push my lips with my fingers and then bite them. Don’t know how to describe that exactly, but all I know is that it is a very ugly habit.
  13. I am allergic to earrings. I got my ear pierced since I was 3 and then I found out that I was actually allergic to earrings. My ears can easily get wounded and itchy if I wear them.
  14. When I was 9, I used to skip puasa…and was caught by my mom.huhuhu…So as a punishment, I had to “puasa enam” (fasting for 6 days in the month of Syawal). Geezz…. I believe most people pernah buat macam tu jugak kan kan kan?
  15. I choose chocolate over vanilla. Easily.
  16. I love roller coaster rides!
  17. I hate people who force me to do things I don’t want. If I say no, it means no, literally.( I even get angry when I write this ).
  18. When I am in love, I am one hundred percent in, heart and soul.
  19. I think I am good at singing. At least, that is my hidden talent, maybe? Singing makes me feel alive and happy. I often sing in the bathroom.
  20. I don’t play online games. I only play snapchat, instagram, musically, and of course, I blog. 🙂
  21. I enjoy eating Sushi, Kimbap and Bento with my mom. The rest of my family members don’t like to eat them, so I always get the exclusive session with my mom at the Sushi King restaurant. Just the two of us. Eating like nobody’s business. And we enjoy every single moment of it. Yeayy!
  22. Give me a good book and you won’t see me for hours. But usually you can find me on my bed. I super love reading. But I am not a nerd. (I’m still denying about being a nerd ).
  23. My favourite number is 2. I was the second child in the family. I was born in the second month of the year. I just got a second place in class in the recent diagnostic test. Somehow number 2 often gives me good luck. Also, it takes 2 to tango. So yeah ^^ (does that count?) hihihi.
  24. I was named after Leftenan Adnan’s wife. The Malaysian superhero. The legendary superhero. My mom was pregnant with me when she watched the movie, that was when she learned that Leftenan Adnan’s wife name was “ Safiah” and she thought hey, it’s a really nice and soft name. Safiah was also a smart, strong and independant lady (she was a teacher) Therefore, why not we name our baby as Safiya. Same pronounciation, only different spelling. And we add “Nur” in front (because my mom has “ Nur” in front of her name too, and so as my sister) So there goes my name – Nur Safiya. Nur means “Light/Cahaya” and Safiya means “Clean/Bersih” 🙂
  25. I am called a “Noob” by my friends for not having a facebook account. Like seriously? Noob? Duh!
  26. I would really love to learn how to play harp. I find it very sexy and classy. The sound of harp is very gentle, soft, mellow and crystal clear. I wish I knew how to play one. *.* (But sadly I don’t know how to play even a single music instrument. Wuwu… Oh! but I can play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on a piano. well at least. hihi.
  27. My mom is one of my best friends. She is a good advisor. And a good listener. She is also my number 1 supporter. She knows the way I think, the way I feel and she can sense when something is up and she knows how to help me. Sometimes I feel like I am not a good child for her, especially when she is mad at me. And I hate to see when she is not in a good mood. Urgh.
  28. I love beach holidays. My dream holiday destination will be none other than Bora-Bora Island. I hope I can spend my honeymoon with my future husband there. Quality time and comfort to the max. Wheee~!
  29. When I was 6, I was crowned as the “Tokoh Murid Pra Sekolah”. I swear I was the happiest kid ever that year!
happiest girl
the happiest girl as Tokoh Murid Pra Sekolah!

30. One of my biggest pet peeves is the loud sound of a vacuum cleaner! Especially when I’m watching the TV. (Running Man to be exact. aishhhh…..)

31. I love rainbow. As for me, rainbow represents happiness, love and hope. Rainbow is beautiful, colourful and it has gold at the end.


That’s about it! I hope you guys enjoy reading my version and give you a bit more insight about me and my life. And like always, thank you for reading. 🙂

two year old safiya
2 year-old me. =)

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