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A day in the life at Sekepal Dua.


I love going to school. School is one of my favourite places on earth where I look forward to go to every day, every week. Therefore, when there will be a long school break, I will start missing the days I spent at school and start counting days to come back again.



Every morning, my alarm goes off at 6 am. I have no difficulty of waking up in the morning, no matter how much sleep I got at night (ngantuk kat skola sikit2 tu biasala hihi). A stress-free morning should start with an organised evening routine. Being prepared the night before is the key. You’ll cut out a lot of unnecessary steps in the morning, which will allow you to focus on the more important tasks like bathing, praying and dressing up. Plus you will have extra time to check messages and social network stuffs on your phone, so yeah.

I seldom take breakfast at home, get used of not eating very early in the morning and I have no problem with that, so recess at school is considered my breakfast. After getting dressed and geared up, my dad will send me to school before he goes to work. I usually reach school around 7.15am.

We will have a short assembly at the assembly point before we start our classes, so I will be queuing at the last line, since I am among the tallest girls in class. Well apparently my good friend, Anis is not the same height as me, so we have to be separated during the assembly. Sometimes when we are bored, she will quietly go to the back to queue beside me, only when the prefect on duty is not the garang type. However, if the prefect comes to the back to check on our line, I will ask Anis to tiptoe to make herself looks taller- A common trick. XD

When the bell rings for recess, I usually accompanied Anis to the bathroom and we will spend around 10 minutes there before we go to the canteen. After a couple of classes in a row, I am always ready to eat. There are not a lot of food options that I like actually, but my favourite one – Nasi Goreng Pedas Tahap Gaban Tambah Telur Mata Minyak Tumpah. Dramatik kan nama dia? Bahahahahaha! Layan gile oih!

lebih kurang gini lah ghupe nasinya =D (pic credit)


After recess ends, again, we need to queue before we go back to our classrooms. But I don’t really like to queue properly; you know, when tummy full, lazy hits me so bad. huhuu. So I just walk and simply join the front line while other girls will shout ‘Weii Piiyaa!!’ at me secara berjemaah. They know me well already. (─‿─)

It has been a tradition for my class 6 Bintang to leave half of our books under the desk before we go back, so that we won’t have to carry heavy bag the next day. Nah, the books won’t go missing, even though we do share class with the afternoon session. However, I often get scolded by my tuition teacher for not bringing back the text books for reference. *padan muka*



In class when the teacher is not in – The kids will go from one desk to another, membawang. (gossiping) unlike me, I usually will take this free time to write my novel or diary. I am actually writing this post during this particular time, as we speak. ^^

When Cikgu Farah; our Math and BM teacher don’t give us any homeworks to do – everyone will do SUJUD SYUKUR.



Few of the girls in 6B with Cikgu Farah. ^~^


With few of 6B girls during the birthday celebration for Jan-Apr babies. The girl beside me is Anis. ^~^


Oh ya, why Sekepal Dua? Ask Teacher Azhan. =D

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