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Black Shoes White Shoes

Black Shoes are BAE

Black shoes were exclusive back in my schooling days. Only prefects were permitted (I think regulated?) to wear black shoes. Hence the select few pupils could be seen donning the black pair of shoes on daily basis.

Apparently our Education Misnister, Dr Maszlee recently came up with a suggestion; all schoolkids get to wear black shoes in school starting 2019.


KPM, Please

The news received mixed views and opinions. Some liked the idea, others don’t. For me, it’s a bowl of cereals and cinnamon. (I feel like vomiting in my mouth already.. @_@)

Look, I have no problem against the proposal. I like black shoes. One of the reasons I chose to stay as a prefect during my primary school years was those very black shoes I got to put on everyday to school.

Unfortunately, I believe our dear minister has overlooked OTHER more important things in today’s realm of education, particularly in Malaysia.

As I can recall, he once promised far more better solutions to our system’s current needs. Like, reducing the number of students per class, hiring teacher’s assistant(s), cutting the load of burdening clerical work the teachers are now shouldering, so on and so forth. Oh, and what about the holistic approaches to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning? As far as performances are concerned, we are still HEAVILY (if not solely) relying on written answers the students scribble on their exam papers to determine how much they have developed and progressed throughout the years of primary and secondary schooling.


Bring Back The Soul

So yesterday, during a press conference, Dr Maszlee raised the issue of teacher’s unnecessary administrative duties. Here’s something for you to read;

No More Clerical Work For Teachers From Next Year


I don’t want to be a killjoy. But this (supposedly a good news) doesn’t mean anything as of now – since his previous promises are still cloudy, and seemingly far from becoming a real deal. I don’t know. Might sound bitter, but it’s better to be slapped by the truth rather being kissed by lies and broken words.


All in all, let’s hope, wish, pray for the best. Again, that’s not enough. Let’s put our effort to make such dream(s) come true. God bless


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