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Cleanliness is Key

Cleanliness is SUPER IMPORTANT!

We are creatures of routines. Whenever I go into the class, I will make sure the class is clean before I start teaching or before carrying out the lesson.

Cleanliness is one aspect I can’t really close an eye on. Each time I enter the class, I expect no sampah on the floor, under the pupils’ desks and chairs. Even the smallest piece of paper pun annoys me, let alone empty plastic bottles, candy wraps, tapak kasut tercabut etc etc.


Clean the Class, Please

I’m not sure bout today’s generation. During my time when I was in primary school – as a pupil la deyy, bukan cekgu like now. hahaha – the very first thing we had to do upon reaching our seat in class was to clean our place and nearby areas. Put the bag on the desk, then start looking for sampah here and there. Clean up however necessary. Nobody had to remind us. It’s technically automatic.

What’s happening now is something almost completely the opposite. Teachers have to tell, remind, ask, suggest, beg… call it what you want – the pupils in class to keep clean. Few times I experimented this matter. I purposedly went into the class and said nothing about cleaning up the classroom. There were papers and plastics and other sort of sampah scattering all over the floor. I had to restrain myself from asking them to clear things up, just to see their own efforts and such.

Flash news! Nobody took any initiative to clean the class! Oh my goodness. 45 minutes passed and not a single human being picked the pieces of papers and/plastics that were lying on the floor right next to their feet. I was like… gosh… how could you guys~


Make it A Habit

Please la. Please keep clean. Keep your classroom clean. Keep your surrounding, environment clean. We’re not rats, kutu or cockroaches. Sampah are meant to be thrown away – not to be kept in class as part of decorations. Trust me, your future you will thank you for making cleanliness as an aspect to attend best throughout your life.


Don’t fret. It’s never too late to start something good. Yosh!!

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