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Common Courtesy and Man of Manners

Common Courtesy and Man of Manners

Today when I logged in my Facebook, I saw one interesting post appeared on my timeline. Regarding courtesy. It was from a good friend of mine. And it’s about something good, too good that we sometimes overlook these ‘small-small’ things.

I’ve gotten her permission to share that post. She said

“Segan lah tp boleh lah. Sis ala2 gila glamer gak kekadang kahkah 🤣”


Bhahahaha. Pomboleyh~ ekeke. Here are the screenshots I took for you to read and ponder.

Ticer Anis food for thought for courtesy
Ticer Anis and food for thought part 1


I feel like responding to her post in great length. Lol. So, yeah. is the best place to merapu. Ekeke


Common Courtesy

1. This is a very common sight. Especially if you are an observant. Bukan stalker, okay. Hahaha. I myself used to stumble upon such occasions. Come to think of it – don’t they feel bad for committing such doings? I can at least brain it IF the pluck-and-go has taken place kat pasar malam like that. You know, where people sell fruits and vegetables, where sometimes the sellers provide a plate or a basket of try-it-for-free samples. Or what I believe an act of courtesy, where sellers simply say “rasa dulu” to invite people to taste the fruit/products.

But that, too, has limits. They offer certain quantity for public to ‘enjoy’ freely with no charge. And I’m sure it’s of a certain size or type of fruit. Like small ones; grapes, longan, pomegranate. Yes, limau mandarin, too. Tapi seulas-seulas, not sebijik teros untuk ko kupas tibai sensorang sampai abes kat situuuu~

Good enough that she thought that that adult man probably did not understand the words “These oranges are sold in cartons. Please do not open and spoil the cartons”  written on the box because they were in English. Urghh.. I’m sorry, I can’t think likewise. I mean, where’s you common courtesy, dude? Don’t you know that can be considered as stealing? And stealing is a crime! Bro, come on!? No religion permits stealing if I’m not mistaken. Are you an atheist? Well, fun fact; IT’S STILL WRONG TO STEAL REGARDLESS YOUR BELIEF


Don’t be Selfish

2. Ah. Mini Playland. Land for the playful. Okay I am playful, too. But I won’t destroy other playful children’s day by playing in playland for kids. Okay laa, if there’s no clear instructions regarding how to operate the playland, perhaps kids under 12 can enjoy it too. Still, as a parent, why can’t you at least instruct your kid the ethics of using a public property, and the beauty of sharing?

And look. Playing phone on the slide – blocking other kids from using it? And you just let that happen under your nose, before your eyes? *facepalm.jpg* Dear people (parents, especially..) be sensitive sikit, please? Be sensible. Don’t be selfish.

“Ko takde anak lagi, pandai la cakap. Nanti ada anak ko rasa la senang susah nak jaga.”

I once was too familiar with such and similar saying which came from pissed off parent(s) who kena tegur by me. Yep, I’m super direct one. I’ll say it in your face if there’s an urgency that requires me to do so. No, never a punch physically landed on my face, alhamdulillah. Just emotionally. Huhu. Better la kan, daripada letting them teros mentally damaging themselves and society and possibly their own future generations. Haaa


Ticer Anis food for thought about courtesy
Ticer Anis and food for thought part 2


Manners . Maketh . Men

3. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? You want to occupy the table, fine, go ahead. Sit there as you will, selagi takde orang yang memang memerlukan meja untuk duduk makan, you can stay there lepakking with your hommies for as long as you want. You wanna gobble limau, tembikai, watermelon, kuaci, buah laici, laci meja yadda yadda… be my guest. But spitting whatever onto the table – and make no effort to clean it afterwards… That’s super selfish, man. Like, uber terrible.

I agree with Ticer Anis. Please/DO clear your table after you have finished makan. I do that. At home, at the food court, especially at the fast food restaurants. Come on, is it that hard to kemas meja lepas makan? Put the waste or leftovers in/on one plate… stack the plates or saucers or bowls you used neatly and nicely… clean the tumpah2 stuff a bit… susah ke? Nooooooo… you know what’s hard? It’s hard to believe that some people don’t even care to think about it. Worse, they think that clearing and cleaning tasks are none of their business – they’re the janitors’. Teruknya!

And the worst of such kind is, the ones that purposely leave the mess for other people to clean. Hiiisshhh!! Major invitation to punch your medula oblongata using a sledgehammer lah tuuu!!


Show Some Respect

4. Vandalism. Oh boy. This kind of mentality is cancer. Is blatantly wrong, people. Vandalism isn’t just about spraying ugly hideous unartistic whatever on walls or behind pintu tandas. It ain’t just about breaking open the public phones. It’s not just about being brainless monkeys and go thrashing H&M store and record that uncivilized acts of crime and post it on media platforms.

Simply letting an act of vandalism is, too, a part of vandalizing. Come on. Be responsible la sikit, sis.. bro.. If it’s not yours, doesn’t mean you can care less about it. In fact, in this case it’s a public property, maaaannn~ Would you allow people to come and obliterate your car just because it’s not theirs? And how about having them devastating you car while you’re in the car!? Oh, let’s post that on the net. Will you be smiling then!??

Quoting Nur Sajat (2017);


I don’t know about you, but my life is pretty simple. Jangan buat benda yang kita tak nak orang buat kat kita. You don’t want people to ruin your day, don’t you go ruin other people’s day. Life is about sharing. “Do good, you’ll be rewarded. Do no good, you’ll be warded.” Eh … did just let my mafia side out? ^^”

Really. Be human. Restore humanity. Learn some courtesy, people. Practise. Please. Trust me, you’ll be much more happy than you are already. =)

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