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Drink Water! Lots and Lots and Lots of Them!!

Water IS a Treatment


Water is essential. You can live for several days or weeks without food, but you can only pray for longevity without water for I don’t know how many days but that’s not the point.  My point here is… PLEASE DRINK LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER!!



Drink Water Religiously

Fret not if you’re not religious. But do consume plain water two to three liters per day. EVERYDAY. And I mean EVERY . ABSOBLOOMINLUTELY . DAY!!! This is a serious advice from me, someone who suffers from illnesses due to the inadequate intakes of water throughout my life.

Long ago, I was once diagnosed with something I had never imagined could affect me. That very night, my tummy felt something unusual. Yeah I wished I was pregnant, but no. Later, my back felt lenguh2 like that. Okay, my body was airy, gassy. So I thought. But half an hour later, my bladder was misbehaving. I went to pee but it felt weird. The amount, the flow, they weren’t as normal as when I used to pee. What’s happening…


It’s Painful!

Shortly after, all the symptoms joined forces and took a toll on me. That night, I suffered from a pain that was super intolerable! I’ve never experienced any pain as painful as that. No heartbreaks could compete that range and amount of pain. My back, my waist, and my reproductive organ were tortured and hurt!! I asked my housemate to massage my back for I thought it’s gonna help. Nope. Not working. Swallowed paracetamols. No effect. So he took me to the nearest clinic. Upon examined, I was told that, from all the things and pain I was enduring, it could possibly mean one thing – kidney stone(s).

Cut it short. The doctor referred me to Hospital Sungai Buloh for further checkups. Because the sakit was unbearable, I agreed to go to the hospital. And guessed what? After layers of tests and checkups, including X-ray and ultrasound thingy, the doctors confirmed that there were small less than 5 mm stones detected inside my…. I can’t recall whether my kidney or bladder or urethral passageway – but they’re there.


Truth Hurts

Docs said many factors could be the cause. Kidney stones are really quite a culprit you know. And they are likely to form inside us thanks to the lack of water we consume for our body. The medical officers told me I can continue being active in sports, but I must stop the habit of not drinking enough water everyday. So yeah, I listened to their advice. I started drinking at least 1.5 liters per day. Managed to gulped down 2 liters la on sunny days.

Consistency is key. I, on the other hand, couldn’t keep up with the 2-liter-daily routine. And you know what? Last night… replicated the night I got the trouble… KIDNEY STONES ARE MESSING WITH ME AGAIN!!! It’s really really painful, and this time around it’s hurting me even more compared to the last incident. Huuu… saket…

I have nobody to blame but myself. Surely, unhealthy eating habits and inadequate water consumption were the only reasons I could think of as the causes. So guys, this is me telling you… please, drink lots and lots of water. Plain water, not sugary stuff or flavoured or chemicalised or carbonated whatnot. Please. Take a good care of your body, especially internally. Your future self will thank you for that.


Remember. Drink water. Religiously.

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