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Durian and Whatnot (WARNING – Disturbing Graphics)

Durian and Whatnot (WARNING – Disturbing Graphics)

So it’s durian season! Again. I think it’s the first season kot for this year. I love durian. As in the fruit. Why do I have to mention ‘as in fruit’ ?? Because as much as I like to eat the king of fruit (so they claim – which I think just because of the thorny exteriors that durians have which somehow associated with pointy crowns that we often see in comics and cartoons. lol I don’t know, don’t hate me ^^”) I cannot really tolerate durian in other form.

Durian Du Du Du…

What are the other forms? We shall see. Warning, you might kerut-kerut muka, dahi while reading these fun facts I brought to your knowledge. ekeke

1 . Tempoyak

tempoyak durian
tempoyak via

Dude! Why must you fertilize ferment those lovely fruit?? Urrghh… Tempoyak is a big no-no for me. I’m sorry. Despite the years I spent growing up in northern region of Peninsular – not to mention the State of Silver itself; the motherland of tempoyak – by far I can never tolerate any tempoyak. I mean… come on! Tempoyak is… not yummy! How could people make a smelly paste out of the fruit and then eat it!? And you people put tempoyak in gulai? masak lemak?? T_____T RIP gulai lemak ikan best2…

For those who wants to read more about tempoyak and relatable stuff, you can read this story about a Mat Salleh and his tempoyak crave


2. Sambal belacan + durian

sambal durian
sambal belacan durian tempoyak via

Durian is nice. Sambal belacan is nice. But you know, sometimes two nice things (especially in this case) combined won’t always result a better outcome? ESPECIALLY when you wed durian/tempoyak and sambal together. That’s, ladies and gentlemen, practically my appetite killer.

I love sambal belacan. The spicier the better! More sambal means more rice intake. Haha. But! If you happen to mix sambal belacan with durian flesh… . . instead of vomiting into the pinggan right away I would rather say I’m full and go wash my hands, clean everything then walk away – just to avoid unwanted and unwelcome vomit in a form of chain reaction.


3. Pengat or Serawa

pengat durian serawa
pengat durian or serawa durian via maisepinggan

You know there’s a thing called “lempok” ? Yah that’s how we spell it. No, it’s not a combination of ‘lempang’ and ‘hempok’ .. it’s actually something that looks like dodol, but durian. Pure flesh, cooked in a kawah or cauldron or a giant wok. Yes, this I can proudly claim as the Perak thing. And I think this lempok thing is on a brink of extinction… ye la, the fruit is hyper expensive nowadays, bro… and lempok is something that requires half a lorry of them or something…. nobody can afford that amount of king of fruit in this current economy liao~

Pengat durian, however, is something like pengat pisang. The hell is pengat pisang in English? I will never translate that. Let pengat be pengat. Like rendang is rendang – no crispy chicken in chicken rendang forever. Duh.

Anyways. Pengat durian is not edible to me. Pengat pisang is so-so la…. but pengat durian? Err… I shall pass. Next!


4. Durian crepe

durian crepe sedap
durian crepe yang sedap dan gebu via

As mushy as it looks, I don’t think I’ll be liking durian crepe anytime soon. Practically it’s just some small chunk of durian flesh, mixed with fresh or whipped cream, to become the filling of a thin layer of artificially coloured dough… which to me they sound and look like more of a creepy thingy. I don’t know. The worst part is, the durian flesh is not fresh! It’s frozen, baby. Urghh… talk about false hope!



5. Kopi / Milo / Nescafe / Teh + Durian + Cheese


coffee milo durian
coffee and milo with durian via



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