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What goes around comes around

I actually had another entry in mind to uh, prove that I’m not as crazy as I appear to be, but an old friend just shared a little anecdote with me and I thought I’d come here and brag to the world about it.

So this thing happened about 20 YEARS AGO when I was in Primary 5. I know. I have lived that many years.

Okay so usually in our classrooms we sit in twos, except for that particular year, the tables were arranged in threes. Weird right I know. Like how inconvenient for the one stuck in the middle. So this friend of mine, she was from the second class. And I was in X-Men First Class (how hot is James McAvoy). Ok I digress.

She came to our class not knowing anyone and she sat behind me, in the last row. And she said, when I saw that she was sitting alone, I pulled my table behind to sit next to her. She then told me I didn’t have to do that, that she was perfectly fine sitting alone. But apparently I insisted and said that I didn’t want her sitting by herself.

She said she was touched by what I did but I couldn’t believe that after all these years, she actually still remembers what happened. I have absolutely no memory of me doing that. I am so happy that she told me that story and I’m proud of my 11-year-old-self – giving her a hug and pat on the back.

So, we sat together, we paired up for projects,  I invited her to my party the following year. But, like most friendships, we drifted apart. Come secondary school, she became a prefect (which is translation for superstar), I became that weird loser who’s always asleep by her window seat.

Like I really slept a lot in school. I remember once, there was some PIBG meeting the entire day and I just slept my way through it while the rest of the class chattered away. Until final period and it was BM. I was wide awake by then, and it also helped that the teacher was one of my favourites – her name is Pn. Norhayati and she has the prettiest face that’s a little impish. So I was happily grinning away as she spoke while the rest was tired from a day of gossiping and she commented that I was the only one paying attention. 😂

She was also one of the very few teachers who knew my name. Oh how the others mangled it up. And she was always careful not to embarrass the students. I hate how some teachers call you out on your mistake like it’s not embarrassing enough. Like my Biology teacher. Pn.Cheng. She taught me for three years and I was always “that girl by the window”. Won’t forget her. People remember you either because you were really nice or really mean to them. She was just pure evil. The spawn of Satan. Devil incarnate. Okay I kid. Not. So like for the first bio test we had to draw some XYZ chromosomes thingamajig. Like hwaaaaaat. Sorry I know bio is the easiest of the three sciences but I just didn’t get it. Anyway. I like drawing. So I drew. And then she made me draw on the board what I drew in my test. Apparently by embarrassing me in front of the entire class it’s supposed to help me learn. Sorry amigo it is now 15 years later I still don’t know how it’s supposed to look like. All I remember was the humiliation and the big fat red F.

Sorry sidetracked again. Anyway this friend of mine, we drifted apart like I said. And then! On my first day of orientation at university, I saw her! Imagine my delight and surprise! We haven’t spoken for years and I never thought I’d meet her 5790kms away, in a foreign land. We then hung out almost daily, spoke on the phone for 3 hours also almost daily as I played my Zuma and she’d complain about the noise as I smashed them marbles. She’d  invite me over to her house and her mum made my favourite dishes, ironed my party dress (!!), invited me for sleepovers, family birthdays and dinners, her uncle drove me to exams and treated me to movies. When you’re 18 and alone in a foreign land, it is huge deal and it felt like it was my family too.

Until we drifted apart again – only because we had different groups of friends. She was more outgoing and enjoyed her alcohol and clubs, I am what your grandmother would say is the best friend she has always wanted.

Anyways. The moral of the story is to always do good – because imagine if you did something bad and people still remember after 20 years. Whoa. And this proves karma exists. For that one tiny little insignificant act of mine, what I got in return from her and her family is way more than I could ever repay. So now go put a smile on someone’s face😊

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