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Guess Who’s Back!? The Merchant Has Returned!

Guess who’s back?? Back again!! Wohoooo!! Sorry to disappoint you – I’m still alive, bro~ Hahahahaha

Guess what

Nay. It’ ain’t Slim Shady. No it’s not Without Me. Lol. Save it, A’an. xD I’m truly really humbly exceptionally sorry for being away for far too long. It’s not that I was under the weather and whatnot. It was my computer. My laptop. Wuwuuu. I guess there’s a room for explanation? Ehee

For those who are wondering, let me retell the chronology of everything.

  1. I sold my previous laptop
  2. I didn’t have time to find new one. ehe…
  3. Surely I cannot write lengthy sentences, paragraphs using my phone… I require a full scale physical qwerty keyboard to write/type. So… yeah

And guess what – I just got a laptop to replace the sold one! Wheee! That’s why la you can read this very post here. Kikiki. Alhamdulillah~ So, guys! Thank you for tuning in. Enjoy your stay, because me and my fellow authors have got you wonderful stories you don’t wanna miss.


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