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What’s Been Happening Lately

What’s Been Happening Lately

Hey guys, how’s it going? What’s happening? ^^

I decided to write something tonight. Writing is therapeutic. And now it’s happening. hehe.


School is as usual, despite the extremely hot weather… fuhh. 36 degrees to be exact! I miss the cold weather at Cameron Highlands…


Speaking of which, my family and I just went there for a short holiday during the 1st semester break. It was my first visit and I loved the place so much. Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and a totally different mode of holiday where you don’t go shopping for clothes at the mall, but instead you get to see breathtaking view of tea plantations on the most highest hill station in the country, and enjoy cup of hot tea and scones at the hilltop restaurant overlooking a fantastic scenery with a perfect cool weather.

Plus you can also pick your own strawberries at the farm and take beautiful photos of colourful flowers and vegetables at the farmlands. I super love Cameron Highlands! I believe the school students there are very lucky; they get to learn at school in a very cosy environment. Natural air-conditioning with a comfort view. Tenang je lah agaknya fikiran diorang. Balik rumah baju pun tak busuk agaknya. No horrible and stinky smell of the yuck armpits, like us here. Bahahahahaha!


But guys, just a tip. If you want to go to Cameron Highlands for a holiday, don’t go during the school or public holidays. You will get stuck in a traffic jam up there for hours. Seriously, a big no no. We have experienced that, so we will never repeat that again. Hehe.


Back to the school life. So Ujian 1 has just ended, for both sekepal dua and skola arab. phewh ~ We got all our marked papers back. Alhamdulillah, everything is good and I am still on a good track ^^.  And last week was the nasyid interschool competition. We have been practising for like more than a month, but we only managed to get 4th place (out of 17 schools that entered) so it was a consolation prize. Okay la jugak, at least it was better than nothing.

And, also, my skola arab had a class reshuffle and I have been promoted to the 1st class which is also my ex-BFF’s class. And, oh brother, those flintstones are going madder and worse!!! But, I just act rationally by just, walking away, ignoring them and just focusing on academic, and of course, poetry! emm.. and sooner or later, they’ll stop and poof! The issue between me and my ex-BFF is over. For now, I’ll just be positive, ignore them haters, focus on school and yeah. That’s basically it.


Next is the poetry recitation inter school competition, which will be held 2 weeks from now. So now my partner and I are practicing the poem, together with our teacher who is coaching us, butttttt… sadly he will not be with us during the competition because he will be away for 2 WEEKS *cry* for some programmes that he has to participate. And it is in the kingdom of far far away! Wuwuu.. super sad.. And we just got to know about it like few days ago. 🙁

It was a heart breaking news really. But life still has to go on. Even though we will be lacking of motivation (I even feel down when typing this) but, well, we need to keep going. And hopefully we will win again this year. By the way, our teacher has promised to watch us perform via live streaming though, so he must make sure it’s a pinkie promise! xD


A bit about new friends life.. Hmmm.. Let see. Well I am now close to a friend named panda. She is very cute and kind. And then I heard that my ex-bff is planning to set up a new ‘gossip girls’ group, which I literally don’t care at all (-_-)’ BUT she blatantly inciting panda’s BFF to join her group to leave panda alone. Annddd… if panda wants to get her bff back, she needs to join them too. Like holy crap is my ex-BFF for real?!

I mean what is she trying to do? She obviously wants ME to be alone and to keep me outnumbered, right? MY GOODNESS. I couldn’t believe that she is acting so badly lately. She is totally not a person that I know. She has made a complete 360 degree change in her life. Geez… seriously, she is not a good friend anymore.


Okay enough about that.


Hey! Have u guys heard Taylor’s new single – Delicate. It’s my current addiction! *mata ada love* I have been looking for her merchandise to buy, perhaps a T-Shirt or something, but I just couldn’t find it. You guys know where I can get it, locally? Do share it in your comments ya. Thanks!


And thank you for taking the time to read my happening and goings xD


Night everyone, ngantok dah.


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