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Hello, February

Hello, February

So it is already February 2018.

I am thinking about a lot of things currently. Like a lot and that makes me really tired. Physically and emotionally tired. There will be times when I can’t even focus in class, but not most of the time though. Just, sometimes.

First and foremost, the thing that I often think about is MY BIRTHDAY. That is on the 24th of February (this month). I am turning 12 guys, can you believe it!? Dah boleh pegi buat IC nanti. lol. So I will be an official Malaysian. wooohoo! Okay, well, of course, I am super EXCITED for the wishes and presents later, BUT….

There’ll be some kind of motivational camp organized by my “sekolah arab” and I really really wanna gooooo. The thing is, the camp will start on the 24th of February. SURPRISE!!! (-_-)’ And my parents are really concerned about my safety and things like that, because the camp will be held at the Sungai Congkak. Yup, it’s by the river, and it’s in a so called jungle. haha. Many unwanted cases happen, I know, totally understand that. But I really-really want to go. Since this will be my last year in the primary school. Ohhh come onnnn…. And I don’t mind if this is the only birthday gift from my dad. Only from my dad lah. My mom nanti I mintak lain. hehe. ‘Cause I really wanna go. So bad. Okay, I am not a spoiled brat. I’m just passionate about something. ;(

And next, still about the 24th of February 🙁 Okay, so first, all of the 6th graders were told that there WAS supposed to be an extra class on the 10th of February but like, yesterday, I have no idea why, how and, just, WHY?! It is postponed to the 24th of February and ugh! WHY?! My mom even told me not to skip any extra classes for no good reason this year. Skipping an extra class for going to a motivational camp is a good reason, no?

And another thing, there was this one day when I was called to join the school netball team, since the coach said I am a very good “Center” but I just remembered that my mom, okay, she doesn’t actually forbid me to join any co-curricular activity, except for 1 (and that is poetry recitation competition). So I had to reject the offer. I even had to surrender my position as the goalkeeper in the handball school team. *cry*

Nevermind……. I understand. My mom really wants me to focus on my academic more. That, I understand. It’s okay… But it was hard to quit. It was.

UPSR. That. is. like. my. nightmare. I am extremely nervous, scared, afraid of UPSR. Okay okay, I know UPSR is not even 3 or 4 months away but my teachers have already been stressing up about it, UPSR, UPSR, UPSR! oops, sorry. Oh god, what is this allegation? Hooo….

Even though I have a lot in my mind right now, I think I can handle it. Slowly. I will always try to think about all the good things. Think happy thoughts. Sing often. I’ll try.


We may not have all the things we want in the world, but surely we will get what we deserve. I am waiting for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


february taylor swift
My favorite singer. Isn’t she gorgeous? 🙂

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