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How to Fix Missing External Hard Drive on Windows 10

Windows 10 is pretty much recent, yet stable as of now. However, users often find themselves in frustration when they have to go online to find solutions and fixes for the latest OS from Microsoft.

Windows 10 Missing External Hard Drive

Recently I bought a laptop to replace my previously sold computer. It has Windows 10 pre-installed. I have no problem against that. Anyhow, there was this day, when I plugged in my external hard drive/disk to the laptop, I noticed that my computer detected the device – but it wasn’t shown there in “My PC” – where other drives like C and D were visible as usual, but not the external drive.

So I had to go online to find the solutions. Lucky me (or not.. lol), such encounter is pretty much common among Windows 10 users. Hence, the many ways to fix it were provided over the websites, across the many pages of tutorials and walkthroughs.

Simple Fix

Thank goodness, there was one video that gave me the simplest solution to clear the problem. 100% working. May God bless the person behind the tutorial. Ehehe. Having said that, I thought of making my own version of a tutorial video on how to fix the missing external hard drive problem. I have simplified the steps, and have them written in the video. Hope it will assist you or others in need. Hehe

You can watch the tutorial here. ^^ Thank you!

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