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Look what you made me do

First of all , let me start off by advising you to never keep using your iPad when it’s at 1%. I know this is moronic advise but yours truly here did just that and I completely drained the battery and I had to go through the hassle of getting it in recovery mode then restoring blah blah blah. And when it was all done I couldn’t even reset it to factory settings because it was still at 1% and wasn’t charging even though it was plugged in so I left it to charge overnight and finally, cue the fireworks and confetti, my iPad has been resurrected! And that was how I spent my entire Saturday night.

Anyways. There’s a story here.

So I synced my iPad and found old videos I recorded at Alicia Keys’ concert from maybe 2013. And nope no one will ever see it because…. there was a lot of screaming. It’s just something my friends and I need to do at concerts. Even though like, no one sitting near us at the Alicia Keys’ concert was screaming.

So those videos reignited my interest in her songs so I have now synced her songs to my phone. So much syncing in one weekend. One would say I am… N’Sync?🤣

Anyway. I fell in love with Alicia Keys when I saw her Falling video from 1847283 years ago. HOW gorgeous and talented is she omg. Okay so for me to attend a concert, the artiste needs to have talent. Save for Britney Spears. She’s just too pretty and she basically ruled my teenage years so it was a dream come true for me to attend her concert.

The first CD I bought was Britney’s Baby One More Time and I got it from Makro. Boys and girls, Makro was the pioneer hypermarket, before you got your Carrefours and Giants and Tescos. If Makro sounds foreign to you then you are too young so please go far far away and play with your Littlest Pet Shops thingamajig. The first concert I attended was also Britney’s – Circus in 2009. When you attend a Britney concert you’re not expecting amazing vocals or talent. You’re just there to SEE her. But I’ll save that for another time.

Back to Alicia. I absolutely love her because duh, her piano skills, her voice, and most of all, she writes her own songs. Her concert was extremely simple; no fancy outfits or elaborate stage setup. It was just her, a grand piano, some backup singers and a band. That’s it. It was simply a showcase of her talent. She really can sing and what I love most about her is how natural she is. And I don’t know if people notice this, but when she sings, she’s always smiling. Like she’d be playing the piano and singing and smiling and even though it’s not an overly happy song but because you see her smiling face you’d be smiling too. You know what I mean?

And the worst thing about her concert? Her opening act, John Legend. Yes, the All of Me guy was actually an opening act a mere 4 years ago. I’m sorry to all John Legend fans but.. all I wanted then was for ALL OF HIM to get off that stage so that Alicia Keys could come on. He was the second LONGEST opening act I’ve ever seen! He went on for like, an hour plus and by then my energy level was dangerously low because let’s face it, his songs are hardly those that put you in a party hyper mood.

Enough rambling. Before I end, please allow me to leave you a piece of advice.

Don’t anyhow talk about someone to anyone.

Okay that’s another stupid useless advice but not following it would probably make you feel pretty stupid. Like how I’m feeling now.

Anyway. Please go YouTube Alicia Keys’ Falling. It is 😍

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