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I Lost My Car Key and I’m Not Happy

I Lost My Car Key and I’m Not Happy

You see.. me and key are likely mortal enemies. We can never be good friends. No matter how hard I try and try… key and keys will just simply disappear without warning.


Where Art Thou, My Key

I have a really good habit, which is keeping things in their place. In this matter, my keys. Knowingly realize that I might just misplace them, I took initiative to duplicate the keys, and group them accordingly. I even place them where I know will come in handy and become useful, helpful, when the time comes.

And today, for the hundredth of times, I once again lost my keys. Technically, just a key. A car key. But the problems that caused by the absence of that particular piece… are unbearable… T____T


It’s Troubling Me Inside Out

Drove to school today. As usual, I locked the door MANUALLY (since my car has no remote.. which was an epileptic mystery to me because I remember the remote went missing the day after I bought the car…) and placed the key in my sling bag. I had my backpack as well, but my sling bag is the choice of safe.

Headed Dewan Gemilang, the biggest hall in the universe. Okay I exaggerate. The school hall. My doktor muda kiddos were waiting for me. Had to coach them for senamrobik aerobics whatnot. Competition stuff. So I put my bag on the floor, and started the sessions.

Few hours after, we came to the end of practice. Ayte. Time to go back. I was in hurry actually. Wasn’t supposed to be in school today due to matters arranged and scheduled for me – beyond formal classroom teaching. Before I even left the hall, I searched my sling bag for my car key.


And then there were none..

Holy mother of blazing salamander! Where’s my key?? Oh boy. I told myself not to panic – after I hit the panic button upon realizing I was already late. Sweating. I was sweating crazily not just as the results of hours of dancing and exercising… but it’s more like unsettling kinda sweating. You know what I mean?

Okay. Calm down, A’an. Let’s try to find it everywhere first. So yeah. I went looking for that small tiny piece of metal which has a small orange coloured cat along as a key chain – literally almost everywhere that I had been or crossed or jalan2 this morning.

Dewan, office, staff room. To and fro. Multiple times, so many times, I lost count. They key was nowhere to be found. Oh goodness…


Why me~

So what’s the big deal? It’s just a car key, right? Should there be a spare key, true? Nope. Wrong. Big time. I have no memory of having a spare key of my car. I tried to make a copy of the key before. But, it was super expensive, I couldn’t afford it that time. So… yeah.

And how does this missing cause me a collateral damage? My kunci rumah is in my car. ALL OF THEM – the main bunch, and the spare bunch. T____T Yes I keep a bunch of spare keys in my car. You know, just in case. And another set somewhere in the house – outside my room. Unfortunately, I don’t know why but this morning I was super kalut kelam kabut – i tossed my house keys in my car – instead of my sling bag where I normally secure them.

Now you get the picture? Huuuu… luckily my housemates were around to save the day. Still, I managed to get in the house – but not my own room. Huu… this is soooo troubling~


Pretty bad day for me..

Up until now, the key is still missing. I tried to think positively. Perhaps tercicir. Or slipped through the openings of my bag or something. I don’t know. What else can I suggest. But usually, if there’s anything unusual found by anyone in the school, they will quickly announce it you know. Even the pupils are like that. You can see prefects walk hither tither class to class, searching for the owner of a small square pencil eraser where they found the eraser lying alone on the floor somewhere within the school compound.

Know what I’m saying? Yah. No found or unknown key reported today. Sigh…


May God Ease

I just hope… I can only hope… that my car key is somewhere there in this realm. This might sound ridiculous to you, but I personally think something supernatural  wants to play games with me. It’s okay if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Just so you know, I’ll be going to school tonight – to search for my car key. Wish me luck..

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