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Marvo G19 Size-XL Gaming Mousepad Review

Marvo G19 Size-XL Gaming Mousepad Review

Mousepad nowadays is undoubtedly essential to majority of PC users. Every PC user knows how important a mousepad is and can be. If you can still remember that computer mouse – the one with a rubber ball inside? Yeah! That fella used to be pretty much functional, and it’s pretty much useless without a proper mousepad. Hahaha. Fast forward to today. Thanks to a blessed marriage of time and technology, we can now enjoy a quality time moving and clicking the mouse on better and enhanced mousepads, like Marvo G19 XL Gaming Mousepad.


Marvo G19 Mousepad

Gaming industries have brought a lot of changes. Positive ones, especially. One of them is the quality of computer and gaming peripherals we can celebrate today. G19 Gaming Mousepad from Scorpion series by Marvo ( is no exception. The first feature I noticed about the mousepad is the size. It’s BIG! As it claims, XL is the size for this mousepad; 900 x 400 mm. At 4 mm thickness, which feels like half a centimeter, it’s love at the first touch!


Marvo Scorpion G19 Gaming Mousepad
Marvo Scorpion G19 Gaming Mousepad


G19 is constructed from several materials. The surface is fine microfibre which provides comfort and rich feelings upon use. The base is made of rubber, offers you a strong non-slip grip on your desk or table. I have been using the mousepad since I got it last Sunday and it remains there as how I first placed them. These two components are sewn finely together by the company’s craftsmanship. Okay la, maybe machine-made je, but still the stitches along the edges are handsomely done, giving G19 gaming mousepad a plus point in terms of looks and functionality.


Marvo G19 Gaming Mousepad is a good gear any PC gamer could use. At RM35, I literally have no complaints, and I would recommend it for those who are looking for a gaming mousepad of a good quality at a great price.

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