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McDonald’s is Not Your Second Library

McDonald’s is Not Your Second Library

So this is my 10th post of the year guys. Haha.

I opened up my blog site and read the other fellow authors’ posts, and they are all very fun and interesting articles. Then I feel like to post a new entry, but I’m having writer’s block at the moment. Urgh.

I can’t come up with an idea.

I literally can’t even get started because I have no clue what to write about, or what story to tell.

And I am staring at the blank screen. Keep typing and erasing. Still no idea. Alaaaaaaa… >_<

Writer’s block is real guys. Huhu.

Ok be right back. Gotta go and makan.





(after few hours)

Okay I’m back. I think I know what to write. Thanks to my dinner experience today! See, things always happen for a reason. Always believe in that. Ngeeee…

So my family and I went to have dinner at Mcdonald’s just now. Dinner time people. So you can imagine the busyness at the outlet. People kept coming in, the queue was quite long. We entered the place and looked around for a table which can occupy 7 of us. The place was kind of full, however…

Not everybody at the restaurant was actually having their dinner. There were few tables were occupied by… I don’t know, probably UITM students??? Well I am not blaming UITM solely, because maybe they’re from other universities, but since UITM is very near to this McD, so terpaksala menggelarkan diorang ni student UITM. Sorry! But based on their look, they are uni students.

They were just sitting there as groups of people, conquering few seats, with laptops on the tables. You guys must be working on some kind of assignments or homework, I don’t know. They seemed very busy, well some of them, but some of them were just like chatting and laughing, and I could only see drinks on the table. Seriously, I don’t mind if they were all there to have dinner while doing their assignments and whatnot.

We finally managed to sit at the elevated table with high chairs, which was waaaay not comfortable for us families. I have a baby brother and sister who had to sit on the baby chair and they were sitting lower than us. I don’t know if you can imagine how inconvenient that was.

Well brothers and sisters, it’s dinner time. Peak hour. Prime time. For everyone to sit and eat, and then go back home. Kalau ye pun… kakak dan abang sekalian, okay I understand that McDonald’s offers free WiFi. But this is called common courtesy. Orang berbudi kita berbahasa. (Wait, is this term correct?) Can’t you people have a little consideration towards other customers as well, that people like us, especially families, who go there to have dinner, just dinner, will have difficulties finding a place to sit, just because you guys have conquered the place like that is your second library. Duh! And yet, you guys didn’t seem to feel or look guilty for that. Even though you SAW us standing there looking for table to sit. Apa ni!?

mcdonald's what
mcdonald’s what

Saya marah ni. Huhu. Yes people, I really am. I mean come on, nobody will stop you from getting free WiFi so you can do your assignments with your laptops there. But at least, can you do that maybe after 9 pm or so? Come on guys. This is McDonald’s. A place to whine and dine. Not a place to do assignments. Okay, maybe some people who read this will not agree with me. Maybe some of them will say things like, ‘Ala, orang McDonald’s pun tak kisah, apasal ko nak kena kisah?’ Right?

Again, I believe this is common courtesy. Compromising. Bertolak ansur. Not just during dinner, but lunch time as well. These two particular hours. 12 pm – 2 pm. 7 pm – 9 pm. At least?

Alaa… McDonald’s open 24hours kan.

I am sure you guys have plenty of time to finish your work.

I am sorry if I have offended some of you people. But does anyone here agree with me?




Okay there goes my entry for this time. Voila!


Oh, and by the way, my favourite food at McDonald’s is double cheese burger and iced milo. what’s yours? 😉







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