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Yesterday, my family and I went to Pavilion to do some window shopping since it was the Chinese New Year holiday. We went to have lunch at TGIF (yup, yesterday was holiday and Thank God It’s Friday!). After we had our lunch, my mom told me that she wanted to buy a new pair of Vans sneakers. Okaylah.

We then entered the boutique; I quickly grabbed a seat on the bench (playing with my phone, checking on Instagram, trying out new Snapchat filters), while waiting for my mom to pick her shoes. I didn’t really bother much. Not until my mom called me with 2 kinds of sneakers in her hands (low cut and high cut kind of sneakers). She asked which kind of sneakers that I like. I told her that both looked, FINE. But actually, to me, I was attracted by the high cut one since I don’t have any high cut sneakers. Then my mom said, “okay, pick your size”. I was, confused for like 2 seconds or 3.

Then, I realized that all of that was my dad’s surprise. Yesterday was actually my birthday shopping day, since I won’t be around on my birthday next Saturday for I will be going to the motivational camp at Sungai Congkak. Terima kasih papa. Akhirnya papa bagi adik pergiiii! *terharu/gembira/mixed feelings* I felt awed, literally, by their thoughtful gestures. Okay so, without wasting any time (dan dengan keterujaan hati) I picked this one cool design, a high cut black sneakers, got my size fit, tried them out, ngam, cun. Beli! Thanks again papa, you rawkes, big time! I’ll take photos of me wearing it later.

After that, I got myself a new pair of skinny jeans from Forever 21. It was a steal! And then, my paps was very kind enough to drive all of us to Avenue K, since I wanted to buy a new backpack at Cotton On. (kat Pavilion takde Cotton On) Got the one that I wanted. I’m a happy kid!

Okay, so my sister has also promised to get me a new novel for my birthday. I was extremely excited. We then went to Popular bookstore on the top floor. After entering the store, I quickly went to the Young-Adult aisle. The first book that I was attracted to was this book entitled “Girl Online” by Zoe Sugg. There were supposed to be 3 series of the book. I saw the second and third series, but I couldn’t find the first one! And the first one is always the important one! I even went and asked the cashier if they have the first one, but unfortunately it was out of stock.


I had to bail on that novel. Huhu.

So I continued to look for another one. I saw Dork Diaries though, and I was thinking, hmmm…why don’t I try reading a new different novel? So, for the 1st time I walked passed by Dork Diaries for a reason. And suddenly. My eyes were pulled by this one reddish-brown color, or shall I say maroon hard cover novel.

It is entitled “MEMORIES” by Lang Leav.

memories novel
Memories, by Lang Leav


I took the book and opened it. I started reading the introduction.


Oh. My. Gosh.


It was a total mind-blowing kind of novel that I have ever read. Because Memories was a collection of poetry and prose by the author. There were so many poetic and beautiful words written. The words that the author has fallen for. So pure and honest. I am totally in love with it. I literally could find echoes of the memories in this novel. You know, I have always wanted to write beautiful stories like this. And this novel is so inspiring.


I feel like showing you the entire content, but of course that is not possible ^^


Without any doubt or hesitation, I have chosen to buy the novel as my birthday present from my dear sister.

I have never been so happy as yesterday. Even though I could not celebrate my birthday this year with my family on the actual day, but they still made me very happy and honestly, I felt that yesterday was my actual birthday.

I am sorry if I have been writing a lot about my birthday stuffs in this month’s entries. After all it is still February, so yeah. ^~^

But I promise to stop writing about it on March. No more birthday stories of mine after this I promise. At least not this year. ekeke.



No matter what happens, some memories can never be replaced. Never. Things may end. Things may change. But memories last forever.

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