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Mobile Gaming as a Form of Socializing

Mobile Gaming as a Form of Socializing

Gaming has been a great deal these days. Ever since video games were first introduced to civilizations, gaming has become one key element in today’s world. We don’t have to go and talk about how people make money through gaming. It’s pretty obvious that making, developing, distributing and selling video games are some of the ways to be wealthy and die rich. Hahaha. and now? The era of mobile gaming.


Socializing and Networking

Mobile gaming now is a thing. Back then, when I saw a group of people sitting at a table – with almost everybody meddling their mobile phones – I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for them. I thought a group gathering like that should be filled with talks and chats and information transfer and laughter. How could someone become so ignorant like that? I mean, weren’t they supposed to be socializing with each other? I’m sorry but playing phone while others are expecting to interact and communicate with/to you is plain social faux pas.

But then, I somehow realized. There’s something I was not used to that they have had been possessing for far so long. It”s called mobile gaming.

Like, what? You play games on your phone? That tiny screen? With no keyboard and mouse, or controller with physical buttons and all? What nonsense! Nonsense it was, so I thought.


Gaming on phone is just as cool

That was the moment I came to a major conclusion; I was outdated and obsolete. Hahahaha. Dude, come on. Mobile gaming is a trend! Wake up, Azhan. Lol

For someone who was super no-no to gaming on phones, I now have become one of those mobile gamers. Ekeke. What can I do, I’m so waking up to the calling. xD

I still enjoy gaming on my computer. That’s the best way to play video games to me. But I would say I too, play games on my mobile phone casually. Or maybe more often than not lah currently. Hikhik. The reasons? Now we’re talking. Hahaha

  • Improvements and advancements. I have to admit, the reason I disregarded playing games on mobile phones was the belief that it’s not meant as a platform of gaming. Phones are for calls, mainly, and then texts, and some widgets or applications to meddle with. And then there are flash games, 2D graphic games. And now you can play PC-like games with excellent graphics and game play – just like what console and PC gamers enjoy – on your phone! Talk about technology, baby!


  • Ease of access.

I can never deny this. The very reason that makes many people and gamers turn their heads to stick their eyes and thumbs on the small flat screen in their palms is the comno of mobility, flexibility and portability mobile gaming offers to them. Including to me. Lol. Of course, desktops are meant to stay on your desk at home. We can take our laptop with us and play games, right? Hey how about something almost equally good but with greater ease of handling? Like your favourite titles in your pocket?


  • Online gaming and socio-networking. This is MAJOR. Normally you can see people gaming alone, busting their butts to slay monsters and shoot enemies and drive thousands of miles to achieve their objectives. I know the pain. Hahaha. But hey, why you die alone when you can die together? Go online, login to your awesome games, search for and add more friends from various social media platforms, and play along – together! Like the old saying, the more the merrier!!
mobile gaming with others
mobile gaming with friends and strangers

Lepak-ing is Redefined

Thus, it is no longer weird to my sight whenever I see a bunch of kids, teenagers or/and even adults, sitting together at a dining table with their mobile phones in their hands. As they are stare at the small rectangular objects, excluding any form of eye contact with one another, I now know that they are actually communicating and interacting via gaming, together.

Just, a piece of advice. Whether you play PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battleground) Mobile, Mobile Legend, Fortnite, Pokemon Go, Harry Potter whatever.. just make sure that you don’t get too carried away. Neglecting others, your friends and worse – your loved ones – just because you’re so into gaming and stuff… is not cool, man. Okay? =)


p.s: if you’re playing playerunknown’s battleground PC or mobile, feel free to add me! it’s merchantofmilan for PC and Antarra for mobile. Thanks in advance! ^^

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