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Azhan Zaffuan,

My name is Azhan Zaffuan. I’m a  full time primary school teacher, teaching English language to beautiful kids, which somehow has inspired me to this very green fresh platform of blogging,

I am, too, a basketball player, a softball coach and player, a dancer and an art lover. But, let’s talk about that a bit later. =)

Sharing is Caring

Back in 2005 I was a college freshman who had so many things in mind. I wanted to tell my friends those ideas and crazy stuffs I thought and felt, but I just couldn’t put them in proper spoken words. Somehow, God heard me, sooner than later He introduced me to the world of blogging. And from there I knew that writing is my passion.

Not too long after my first entry on a blogging platform, I fell in love with telling stuffs I-don’t-think-people-would-want-to-know on the net. Yeah, some say blogging is actually an online diary, whereas I actually don’t write diary (the conventional pen and paper one). But I couldn’t help it. Shortly after, I found myself writing a new story for my next entry! And the rest is history.

I didn’t have many readers or audience back then. I didn’t even know that people could actually stumble upon my blog and read my posts. Purely the stuffs I wrote were for my eyes only (that’s what I thought). Somehow rather, my stories and blog grew some sort of popularity among certain groups of people. Hey… not too shabby, eh? It was quite a good one; perhaps too good that it was taken down and damaged a few times by some irresponsible uncivilized brats. I have to say, those were the times I had had the urgency to quit writing and blogging.

If it wasn’t the passion of sharing the good things I would love people to have or know, boy do I still have a blog – and you might not be reading this now. Thank goodness the spark was there, and slowly it grew into a small fire, which now is flaring and burning as a desire, for me to continue blogging to infinity and beyond! Okay that’s too much. Haha.

And here I am, now with my own team of authors; whose passions are nothing less than what I myself possess. These beautiful people and I want to make a personal blog of stories and thoughts and experiences YOU and us can enjoy, together.



Azhan Zaffuan