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My Ramadhan Memories

My Ramadhan Memories


My favourite ramadhan memories?


Naahh, never that I have any “favourite” memories when it comes to Ramadhan. It’s not that I don’t like fasting, even though sometimes I get furious about it, hahahaha! but yeah, after reading admin’s latest entry, which I found it very interesting yet funny XD… it promptly reminds me of some of the incidents that have happened to me, which I feel like sharing it here, if you guys care to read =)


Talking about “ponteng puasa” Geez…I guess I am the champion of the house.



Seriously guys, but this is not something that I can be proud of actually, because the verdict of doing so wasn’t very cute. Especially when you have kantoi (busted) of doing so. Being beaten by rattan cane and getting smacked from my dad are punishments that I always get, compared to my other siblings. *icon monkey tutup mata, tiga kali*


Back when I was a little girl, even though I used to ponteng puasa (not full month though, just couple of days =P) in a particular year and got punished, I still doing it the next year. Little rascal I was. I remembered one evening on a pouring rain… ok I exaggerate about the raining part. My mom caught me while I was trying to eat a piece of biskut raya in the kitchen. My mouth was wide open that I was so ready to get a first bite of the cookie I was holding, it was really close…when suddenly I heard my mom yelling.




Darn. All I can think about that moment was- I’M DOOMED. You don’t have to know what happen next lah. Wuwuu…


I deserve to get what I deserve. Even though I got punished for lying, I never blame my parents. I probably sad and didn’t understand it at the time, but now in hindsight, I’m glad that my parents did that. They were just doing what was best for me and they did it because they loved and cared about me. All they wanted was for me to be honest. It wasn’t about being A MUST to puasa penuh, but I need to learn to be honest. They told me that I can always break my fast if I am weak or tak larat but I shouldn’t lie. Lying to them is like betraying them and the religion. I was really ashamed of myself. Therefore, I swear that was my last day of ponteng puasa. Ever. Oh well, so that was part of my childhood memories that I will never forget. =)


Another unforgettable incident during Ramadhan happened about 2 years ago, just about a night before Hari Raya.

Malam Raya.


My Paklong invited all of us to gather at his home for buka puasa. It was a family gathering. I was very excited because I get to meet my cousins and we have planned to play bunga api (fireworks) together. Paklong has these few pelita with stands lining up at the house compound and they were beautiful. Papa bought some bunga api, so right after buka puasa and solat Maghrib, my cousins and I went out to play. We were very happy. Everyone was in Raya mood.


I have a baby sister who was about 2 years old at that time and she was very excited to see us playing. I remembered my mom told me to take care of her, since she insisted to stay outside with us and watch us play, because my parents wanted to eat. So yeah.


I don’t know how I can explain this.

But an unfortunate scenario has happened due to my carelessness and negligence. I was so excited playing with my cousins and without having a second thought, I gave my baby sister a stick of burnt bunga api for her to hold by herself, so I can continue playing (-_-)’


I think in less than a minute, suddenly I heard my baby sister cried. She was crying so loud that she has triggered everyone in the house. I quickly turned to her and the next thing I knew, the bunga api I gave to her is now on top of her feet! Everyone in the house ran out to see what happened and after seeing the bunga api is burning my sister’s feet, my mom quickly grab the stick and threw it away. She quickly took my sister into the house and I dare not see what happened after that. Poor my baby girl.


She had quite a deep wound; it’s about the size of a rambutan seed on her left feet. She still has the scar right until today, and I probably think it will stay on her feet until she grows older. There are no words to express my sorrow and regrets for the pain I have caused everyone by my irresponsible behaviour.


photo taken before the incident happened. >.<


I am truly sorry, Naira. I didn’t mean to hurt you because I love you so much. You know that. ♡


(I will let her read this post one day, when she is capable enough to read and understand)


So that’s basically it!

Hehe. Not very nice memories to remember, eh? Well going forward, I hope there will be no more tears or sorrow that I will ever experience in this holy month. Only blessings, happiness and joy. InsyaAllah, Ameen. ^~^


Happy Ramadhaning everyone!


Myself and my baby girl, Naira. She is turning 4 this year. Isn’t she a cutie? I think she can be the next starshine. ^^



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2 thoughts on “My Ramadhan Memories”

  • good parenting, i shall say. to your mom and dad, I must say job well done. ekeke. Well, that definitely shaped you into who you are now, right? A better person indeed. ^~^

    And as for your sister… tell her she was lucky you didn’t hand her a blowtorch or something. ahaha. kidding2. hehe. also, it was quite an experience kan? for both of you. ehe. she’ll get over it. ^^”

    • hahaha, yah, they taught me many important lessons about life. Aww thanks teacher, I hope I can be a better person everyday ^~^

      A blowtorch?? pegang pun tak penahh..takottt…hahaha. unlike you! takat bunga api biasa-biasa tu bolela. itupun dia dah menjerit satu taman lol. Indeed it was an experience! but i would never repeat that again. ever! kesian dia, she still doesn’t know what happen to the scar on her feet till today. >.<

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