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My Teacher, My Inspiration

My Teacher, My Inspiration

There are people who come into our lives and leave a remarkable impact in us. In my life, there is a very special person whom I know since I was in standard 4, and has been my inspiration ever since. A teacher. My teacher.

This amazing person who is also my ‘Guru Inspirasi’ is Mr. Azhan Zaffuan. He is my English teacher. He is really a brilliant person, inspiring in the best possible way – not just because he has all sorts of the expertise in the subject that he is teaching, but he is a person who encourages me a lot in my tendency towards writing.

Writing has been my passion since I was 7.

For some reason I love writing and I have become very passionate about it. It was ever since then that I have been dreaming of becoming a writer one day. However, not many people knew about my passion, and I just didn’t know how to express my talent. Then I was taught English by Mr. Azhan, and it was as though he has walked into my head and turned all the lights on. He is the first person who discovered my passion, and instilled my enthusiasm for writing and always supported my dreams of becoming a good writer. He has taught me how to write eloquently, and he always has this unchallenged faith in me that really motivates me as a student.

Mr. Azhan is a very good writer.

He is a contribute writer for the poetry programs organized by an NGO. He also writes beautiful poems every time our school enters the poetry recitation competition. Last year, I was offered to join the competition. We made it to the national level and won third place. It was such a big achievement that we made and we definitely wouldn’t make it without his coaching and of course, because of his beautiful sonnets. I have such a great amount of respect and admiration for all his talent and hard work to bring our school into a higher level.

Mr. Azhan is also an active blogger.

Since he knows about my passion in writing, he has given me the honour to become one of his co-authors in his blog. He did that because he wanted to encourage me to be more open in writing and allowing my own passion to shine through. I was struggling with confidence at first, but Mr. Azhan has always been my guidance, providing me all his supports I need to be able to write faithfully. And having a teacher who takes an initiative to share his passion with me – that is hugely valuable.

Mr. Azhan has also bought me a book about ‘How to Write Well’ since he knew how much I love writing. I could not thank him enough for that. And since I have been polishing up my writing skills and improved a lot, I managed to get the best student award in the English (Penulisan) subject, 2 years in a row (year 4 and 5). Mr. Azhan is one of the teachers who has worked so hard in shaping me into the student I am today.

To Mr. Azhan, Thank you for sharing your love and passion for education with me. Thank you for caring about my future. Thank you for having the integrity, strength and courage to lead me down the right path and showing me how I can be confident in my abilities. You have amazed and inspired me daily and I will treasure that forever. THANK YOU SO MUCH TEACHER.

Happy Teacher’s Day : )

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