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Nice People are Forever

Nice People are Forever

Nice people are gems. Just like infinity stones in MCU, nice people are that precious. Gather them around and you’ll get a mini heaven on earth. Wherever they roll, the angels are there. Whenever they flock, God knows He’s gonna be happy with His creations.

Nice People are Nice. Period

I’ve stumbled upon, seen and met many people in life. The good ones, the not so good ones, the too good to be true ones, kind persons, great persons… and the list goes on. Yet, last night, I was undoubtedly blessed. I was gifted with the opportunity to get to know a beautiful couple, a match made in heaven, a pair of kindest souls available on this planet.

Meet Svetlana and her husband, from Ukraine.


nice people
svetlana and husband


I’m dying to write a lengthy piece on how nice these musician and project manager are, but since I myself have only a little information about them, let me just conclude it here by saying that they’re among the coolest awesome nice people I’ve ever got the chance to meet and know. It was a short meeting, though, but enough for me to acknowledge their care, kindness and generosity. How lucky I was. =)

To Svetlana and husband (I’m so sorry I didn’t possess adequate time to know how to properly, correctly say and spell your name, brother. I’d be happy if you can teach me some Ukrainian, Romanian and/or Russian. ^^), May God bless you two. Thank you for your stay in Malaysia. Hope you had a great time here. Thanks for the warm welcome and hospitality you provided. Do come and visit Malaysia again someday. I’d be more than happy to show you guys around!

Take care! Have a safe flight. Щасливої подорожі (Ščaslyvoji podoroži) (yeah I googled it out . lol xD) Thank you!!


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