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Nick’s Gastro: Nice Place with Nice Food

Nick’s Gastro: Nice Place with Nice Food

Nick’s Gastro is nothing new to those who live in Puncak Alam. It’s one of my personal favourites to have lunch and dinner.


Nick’s Food ain’t Biasa-Biasa

I like it here. Used to come to this place to enjoy its fish and chips. Previously they had this chicken burger or sandwich or something. No, it’s not like the ordinary sandwiches you’re imagining. Hahaha

The meal was hefty! Hefty and tasty!! One of my must-have whenever I singgah Nick’s Gastro for food. And the price was cheap! Oh I hope they still are. 😆

New Menu?

I just had my dinner here. I had grilled lamb with butter rice. That was my first time I tried something else, other than fish n chip, and the chicken sandwich.

It was really nice!! To be honest I’m a bit choosy and picky and particular when it comes to makanning my favourites, and grilled lamb is one of them. At first I thought it’s gonna be just like any other grilled lamb (kambing bakar) we can find elsewhere. And for RM13.00 per serve? Hmm… let’s see…


simple yet splendid!


I’m telling you now. It’s deliciously good!! 🤤 Hahaha. For RM13, it’s a good meal of a good price I’d say. ^^

Okay. New Menu is Nice Menu

Not really new la the grilled lamb. Just to me. Ekeke. It could be my new fav, tho. ^~^

So guys. If you love makanan barat like lamb chop, fish n chip, burgers and such, do come here @ Nick’s Gastro, Alam Suria, Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor.

Follow them on their Facebook (Nick’s Gastro) and Instagram (NICKGASTRO) . Tag them whenever you upload photos of you and your dinner goers enjoying your meals here. #nicksgastro, that is. Who knows, they might feature you for a free lunch! 😄


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