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A Short Story

A Short Story

My friend I was absent from school yesterday. I had stomach ache since the night before (not knowing the cause) and I had to go to the washroom several times which literally had affected my sleeping. I took some medicines and had to rest on bed. Therefore I had to take an MC.

However, knowing that I am the type of person who doesn’t like to lie on bed and do nothing, I decided to do something. Forget the sleepy head, I grabbed my favourite note book and a pencil; Ideas just popped up, I decided to write a short story.



Aliah is a normal 14 years old, typical high school student. She has few friends, she plays sports and piano. She also has a BFF named Rachel. Rachel is really nice, caring and average in academic. They always do everything together, except Rachel only knows how to play guitar and not piano. They have known each other since they were 7.

Then, things are getting really weird. Ever since Aliah found a new group of gossip girls, she has started to change. She doesn’t want to sit with Rachel at lunch. She doesn’t want to wear sweatpants on Mondays. She doesn’t want to do science project with Rachel. She doesn’t want to be like how she used to be. She has totally changed.

One day, Rachel tries a chill conversation with Aliah about them.

“Hey, I noticed things are getting pretty weird. Are you doing okay?” asked Rachel.

“It’s none of your business.” Replied Aliah.

“What do you mean? I am your best friend. We are Maya and Riley, don’t you remember?”

“NO. Apparently, I don’t want to be Riley! Okay listen, I have a new BFF. She knows more fashion things than you, she knows how to dress more than you, she plays piano and she doesn’t wear sweatpants on Mondays, like you. Her name is Karen. We are Kendall and Kylie!”


“Nevermind. Look, I just think, I can’t survive high school like this, with you. Maybe, it’s time for us to stop being typical. Let’s just forget about each other”.

“What are you saying?”

“C’mon, grow up! I am bored of being normal”.


Suddenly, Karen approaches Rachel from her back. “Oh Rach, you really think you will just be happy? As long as I am here, you’ll never find happiness. EVER. Let’s go Alley!”

“Alley!” Rachel shouted.


Aliah and Karen walked away. Rachel runs away to the empty streets and starts crying.

After a while, she thought,“ It’s okay, I can go through everything without her. She is just not a friend!”

Rachel goes home, grabs a guitar and her DSLR, and starts writing a song about the ending of their friendship. She then starts filming a video of her singing the song she wrote while playing her guitar. She posts it on Youtube. She gets tons of responses, people are motivating her, telling her to stay strong, and then she realizes, that she is actually feeling much better without Aliah.



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