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Storytelling, and then some.

Storytelling, and then some.

Has everyone seen the movie… Infinity Wars? Am I the only one left who hasn’t?

Anyway, today I’m going to talk about my movie-going experience. I’ve been lucky enough to watch movies in 3 countries – Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. My sister and I wanted to try a movie when we were in Japan but seeing as we used “sayonara bye bye” when trying to explain we wanted to look for the exit even after one year of Japanese lessons, we agreed that it’d be a waste of time and money.

So, the movie I watched 3 times across two countries was *drumroll* Night at the Museum (NATM). I know. It’s not even that great a movie.

So how did I watch it 3 times? We need to go back in time for a bit.

It was December of 2006, my sister was living in Singapore and my parents were living in Malaysia and going on a holiday. Without me. I might have abandonment issues.

Before I delve further into my story, I need to give you readers a free lesson in history. I know right, I rhyme like that *snaps fingers* (still can’t do that irl).

We all know how the Portuguese and Dutch and Japanese and British menjajah-ed us, and then we now have the Bangladeshis taking over our tanah tumpahnya darahku. But did you know, after the British and before the Bangladeshis, we were terrorised by the Indonesians? Yeah. There’s even a poem about it. It goes a little something like this:

The abangs show us their parangs

We give them our barang

But our barang so crappy

Abang not happy

So they demand for our money

Of course, not all are the same. I was about 12, wide-eyed, slightly too skinny because my mum gave me skim milk which may or may not have stunted my growth, when I saw the Indonesian race riots on the news and saw a man on a motorcycle holding ….. a human head. That scarred me. But I also have some really good friends who are Indonesians and have met an incredibly nice Indonesian cleaner at the airport who gave me $1 so that I could call my parents who were late picking me up. Abandonment issues, you know.

Back to my story.

I was about 14 when I saw this Indon steal my bicycle from my garden and when I shouted at him he gave me this sick grin and I was alone at home so how? So I slammed the door shut and said a silent sayonara bye bye to my bike.

So now we go back to my story. My parents were of course, not going to leave me alone at home. Nope, they only leave me out of their holiday. So I was sent across the causeway to live with my sister for about a month.

I watched NATM at Vivocity in Singapore twice but with different people. It was good. Then I watched in again in Malaysia with a different group of people. 3 times in a month. The good news is I didn’t have to pay once; the bad news is there is not one good-looking actor in the movie.

So after dragging you through 18488248 paragraphs, what I want to highlight is the different reactions of the audience in both countries.

When I watched it in Singapore, the audience laughed at what was said; ie. the wit, the dialogue, the conversation. Both times.

When in Malaysia, however, the audience only laughed at the actions and expressions. When I LOL-ed at the dialogue, the rest of the audience was silent so I LO- a little less-L.

So what I gathered from my experience is that the Malaysians who were in the same theatre hall as I was (totally not generalising here okay) only understand slapstick comedy? Is that why Jackie Chan is a Dato’ for no apparent reason? Is this why Jet Li lives in Singapore not Malaysia? Is Jet Li jealous? Does he even care? Who can explain it, who can tell you why.

And that’s all. I have nothing more to say.

Sayonara bye bye 👋

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