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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) PC Requirements

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) PC Requirements

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG in short, is a third-person shooter (now available with first-person shooter mode/view) online game. Thanks to its popularity, it was critically acclaimed as the first in gaming industry, or the pioneer – to introduce what has now become a world phenomenon genre of gaming; battle royale.

Battle Royale might sound familiar to you. Either you have seen the Japanese horror movie with the same title, or you have watched one of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)’s major events, the idea is the same. You plus multiple others; in/at one place – have to fight for your life and survive by any means, to become the last person alive/standing. Sounds brutal? Oh well, in gaming world, brutality sells. Lol

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is still popular

Ever since PUBG became a breakthrough, other companies have started to bandwagon-ing the bandwagon. Hence, you can see other titles like Fortnite, H1Z1, Rules of Survivors (RoS – mobile) and many more, are too becoming popular and gaining more and more players.

However, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is still significant and relevant to many online gamers, including me. Haha. I don’t know. Perhaps its authenticity and originality that got me hooked. You can tell that I owned a copy of this game on my computer, though. Ekeke


Hardware and gears to play

Despite being a latecomer, I still enjoy this game. It was released last year, and I only started playing this game last week. Lol. Which somehow has actually led my non-gamer friends and colleagues to wonder and ponder, what do they need to play PUBG on their PC.

Look no further, fellas! I’m here to save us!! Eh. =p

Ayte. You know how games technically work, right? There’s minimum requirement, and then there’s recommended settings of requirement. I don’t want to mention the highest possible setting or ultra setting la. I’m no bangsawan one. Hiks. So, here are some ideas and suggestions.


PUBG on minimal setup

You need a computer.  Ahaha. Be it desktop or laptop, your computer MUST meet the minimum requirements to be able to play PUBG. Take note as it’s an online game, you need internet connection to play. To actually try to survive the game, you need a (computer) mouse. Surely you can try to master the skills of aiming and shooting using the sensor pad that functions as your built-in mouse on your laptop, but… no, please, don’t consider that idea. Just go get your mouse, then you’re all set to play.

Recap? Okay. A computer that meets the game’s minimum requirement, a computer mouse, internet connection. (Taking into consideration that you have steam account and have downloaded and installed PUBG la kan.. ehe..)


PUBG with appropriate tools and better gears

Now we’re talking. Hahahaha

First thing first, your computer shall meet the recommended requirements. You’ll be thankful when it does. Next, go buy/find a good gaming mouse. It’s very important to use a proper mouse as that’s going to be your ultimate ‘weapon’ . And I shall not let you play PUBG with your built-in speakers as your source of sounds.

Your survival skills will not only rely on how accurate you can shoot your enemies, how fast you can outrun and outgun those tangos around you… but also on how well you can tell WHERE and WHEN to shoot. Stereo speakers might sound like a good idea already. However, any battle royale game depends highly on your environments and surroundings. Enemies can be lurking anywhere near you. Gunshots can be heard from any directions. Not to mention those unseen stealthy footsteps made by the ones who have seen you looting for weapons in that building.

Therefore, it is a very good idea to have a set of headphones with good quality of sounds and capabilities. Stereo, or 2.1 speakers are decent. 5.1 with Dolby Surround is great. 7.1 with high clarity surround – would be ultimately awesome! I’ve tried a friend of mine’s headphones… and WOW… thank God for this hearing ability, and the creation of technology.

Well, some say it actually relies on your skills. But trust me, you’ll appreciate all the help you can have. Hehe

Last but not least

Please ensure that you have Steam account, where you can download the game there. Then you have installed and updated your game. And most importantly, please have a – at least, really – good and stable internet connection. Dude… with all the gears and equipment and tools and hardware you have… there’s no guarantee that you can actually log in, get connected, play the game, and unbelievably survive for the first few minutes – if your internet connection sucks. T_____T

Believe me… I know too little too well how it feels to play PUBG online with slow, or unstable internet connection. Get disconnected? Unable to login? Cannot open the door of the building you plan to enter, loot and hide? Appear to be running while you’re actually not even moving? Your character stops doing whatever he/she was doing then suddenly you get the note that you were killed by someone due to being lagged during the game?

I have ticked and checked all boxes for all the above situations. Wuwuuuu…

If you want more suggestions, or specific requirements for this game, you can try asking your buddies who play PUBG, or search online for the best recommendations. Things are gonna be much easier if/when you have the money and willing to spend. I know I don’t, and not really of such willingness. Hahahaha xD


Are you ready?

Having that said, I would love to add more friends on Steam and in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG for PC. I’m still new tho. And the idea is the more the merrier. Ahahaha. So, yeah! Do add me as you friend, will ya? Find and add/invite MerchantofMilan for PC version, and Antarra for PUBG Mobile version. Ekeke. Let’s roll!


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