Live and Learn, Any Day Given

To have truly owned

When you own something, you are already beginning to lose it.
When you no longer fear losing, that’s when you have truly owned.
Love’s like that,
Career’s like that,
Fame’s like that,
Life’s like that too.

No, I didn’t write this. I wish I could write as beautifully, but all that’s in my head when it isn’t blank is a jumble of incoherent words that when strung together don’t make sense. Sometimes it’s flashes of images of food I want to eat. Okay most of the time. No, this was written by a Singaporean actor, Elvin Ng who is an English Literature graduate from NUS. Check out his hotness on his Instagram. You can also check out my hotness on mine. Please ask🤣

When I first saw him on TV back in 2006/07, I thought, another pretty face. But really very pretty. Then I read his blog and I was sold. Unfortunately he has since shut down his blog. Come to think of it, he may not want this swirling around on the www. But it is too good not to be shared.

Maybe because I’m a Pisces hence my perpetual dreamlike state of mind, but I find medical professionals/ engineers/ business people and the like totally unattractive and uninteresting.

Since around 2012, I’ve been telling anyone who’d listen that it would be a dream come true to meet someone who enjoys writing and literature. In English lah. Not pantun, or god forbid, syair. Is that the one we have to sing it out? Not in Chinese either; that would be totally incomprehensible. And I’d picture a home with a library a la Beauty and the Beast. Without the beast and dungeon. But with wall to wall shelves lined with books. And floor to ceiling windows. And a secret wall that leads us to a secret room/escape path because eh, Malaysia has a lot of armed break-ins. I wouldn’t mind the self-cleaning home appliances too.

Anyways. All I wanted was to share his writing and not my day dreaming. Anyone who has managed to overcome this fear of losing, please advise💜

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