Live and Learn, Any Day Given



Today is a not bad day.

.. Today I have a lot of things to say.

– Today I feel the need to voice out my utter disappointment in Pos Malaysia. While I was still in my tanah tumpahnya darahku, I posted a letter. I thought being domestic mail, at most it’ll take three days. I thought wrong. It never arrived. It then dawned upon me that I did not include a return address. I took the blame.

Then I left my tanah tumpahnya darahku, and even though previously I’ve posted 3 cards on 3 separate occasions and even though on all occasions the recipients never received those cards, I still took a chance and sent another letter from here. Again, it never arrived. I even gave it 12 business days, 2 days more than the expected 10.

Never have I given something so many chances even when I know it will fail me. And I’m not even a person who believes in second chances. You know the saying, If you keep doing the same thing and expecting different  results, you must be crazy? Yah that’s me they’re talking about. Lesson here is a cheetah/leopard/any spotted animal never changes its spots. I hereby give up. Malaysia sometimes boleh most times tak boleh, but Pos Malaysia confirm plus chop plus stamp tak boleh.


Today I feel totally and utterly drained of energy. Not from work, pfft; my work is a breeze. I don’t even know what work stress is. Don’t have any experience in that area.

Although, I have vast experience in teeth extraction. To date I’ve extracted 8 teeth. Smooth sailing no harm no foul a total walk in the park.

Any job where you can play Plants vs Zombies is not stressful. The stressful part is… see, even the games I play are not stressful.

No, it’s a combination of being tired of trying too hard and not being good enough. It also feels like having 10 doors slammed in your face in a row. Bam! 💥

Eh why am I being emo here now. Pfft.

*snaps fingers*

(in real life I cannot snap my fingers 🙈)


Today I had a good hair day. If you have never experienced a bad hair day, share lah your secret. I have hair that is straighter than any line I can draw, but as mere mortals, we are only too attracted to things we can’t have. I love curls and waves in my hair and today my hair had just the right amount of curlage. So I got to work and spent a… reasonable amount of time preening. Sometimes I pity my boss and feel an overwhelming wave of guilt wash over me. Then the guilt subsides and I go back to my game or my hair.


Today wasn’t really a good day.
But it was a good hair day.
So that makes it a not bad day.

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