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Write, Draw and Dream

Write, Draw and Dream

Helloooo Sunday 🙂


I love writing. (tiba-tiba). haha.

Okay, well, writing has been a passion of mine since I was little. I started to write at the age of five. But at that time, I only knew how to draw comics with ‘blurbs’ (those conversations in bubbles). Whatever that came across my mind, I would start drawing and create conversations. I remember that I used to create a comic book when I was 7, scribbled in a school exercise book, and loved to share it with my friends (but sadly I couldn’t find the book. I think I might have thrown it away by mistake! urghh.) They enjoyed reading it and so I thought, hey, maybe I should sketch more and make money out of them. Tapi lepas tu terpikir pulak, nanti tak terjual camne? Or like, kalau permintaan tinggi sangat nanti, sampai takder masa nak draw camne? lol. Cita-cita tinggi sunggoh masa tu. “Okay, sistur. That is just too much.” <— I told myself. So I just ditched the plan.

I have always loved to write. I don’t know what my life will be like without the ability to write. Writing has always been essential to who I am. It is the way I process my everyday thoughts. I love to keep diaries. I started writing seriously when I was 9, until now. Some of the days I would write diary entries, complaining about my annoying friends, things that happen at home, or even writing about my crush that I met at school (>.<) oops! Other days there would be stories, random ideas I thought and needed to express in some form before I forgot them. I’ve written tons of stories.

Writing has always been a therapy for me.

It’s like a channel for me to express millions of thoughts that happen to me every day. Sometimes it helps me to fix my emotions. It is a truly multi-purpose tool, and I use it every single day. Writing process is a part of me and I am a part of the writing process. Does that make sense?


These are my diaries that I kept since I was 9 (except for the one on middle top, because that is actually a Q&A kind of note book. I got it from my mom on my 11th birthday). The bottom right (with pen attached) is my current diary *.*


These are 2 of the pages in the List Yourself note book. There are many more cool questions inside. I love the book!


I just got this sketch book from a kind teacher who knows how much I love to write. He is very thoughtful 🙂 Oh, and I have started writing in it. ^^


I also love to read.

There is this one book that I really love to read. Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell. The stories somehow have a lot in common with my life. I feel that I have a strong connection when reading the book. It is about a girl by the name Nikki Maxwell who had just moved to a new school and her first day was horrible. Then, things are getting pretty, FINE. Just, fine. She has a crush – Brandon, two wacky besties, Chloe and Zoey and an evil enemy, Mackenzie Hollister. An evil one. Because the girl is also crushing on Brandon. haha. Nikki’s dad is a bug exterminator (okay yang ni tak sama lah, my dad is not a bug exterminator) while her mom is a housewife. She also has a wacky sister named Brianna Maxwell.

You know, I will be a happy kid if people give me novels as my birthday present. See? Most people would ask for a bike, a vacation, a new toothbrush maybe? I don’t know. But if you ask me, I would love to have a novel.

These are my Dork Diaries collections. Each book has more than 300 pages. Super enjoyed reading them! I hope to have a complete series of the book though :o)


I got this novel on my 11th birthday from my BFF. The book is about friendship in the middle school life. Approx. 500 pages. It’s a cool book to read too 🙂


I wish I can be a writer when I grow up. Specifically, a novelist 🙂 cause I am more to “buku-buku tebal”. I am deeply in love with writing. I started dreaming to be a novelist since I was 10. So, yeah. I hope one day my dream will come true.^^

I just love to create masterpiece. My own kind of masterpiece, at least.

That is just basically it. I am just a normal and a typical kid who loves to write, draw and dream!


“Do what you love and love what you do cause you will find happiness in what you pursue”


Your future novelist. ^^



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