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A Year Not to Remember

A Year Not to Remember

So my math teacher is not in today, why not write a new entry. 🙂

I was reminiscing about how i first came to “Sekepal Dua” year. 2014. I was just a 2nd grader when I first moved to the school (my previous school was somewhere in Klang) but my parents decided to change school since it was much nearer to our home. It was hard to leave all of my old school friends (it was a girl school) and at the same time I was feeling nervous since I am changing to a co-ed school. But no doubt I did feel excited to start a new school life and was hoping for a better one!

I still remember on my first day in the school, it was AWFUL. I didn’t make a single friend, I was given a seat at the back of the class (next to a weirdo >.<) because he didn’t make the effort to talk to me. I had to go recess alone, and I couldn’t even find my class after that! I was completely lost.

Then, weeks later, I was getting the hang of the school, because I have a cousin who also studied there, same age as me (only we were not in the same class), so I told him that I didn’t have any friends yet, and he helped by giving me a tour, he even accompanied me during recess once in a while. I didn’t want to bother him at first, because he already had his gang in the school and I didn’t want to disturb his recess time with his friends, but he was kind enough to help me. I appreciate that a lot. And a month after that, I started making friends in the class (yay finally!) and my teacher appointed me as the assistant class monitor.

School was fun.

And then weeks passed by, I started receiving letters. No, not love letters. Haha come onnn…baru darjah dua kot! I received hate letters. Have you guys ever received these kind of letters? Or am I the only one? Why on earth am I the selected one? *cry* It was awful. I still keep the letters until now. I never tell anyone about it, not until today. I was totally depressed, stressed, frustrated, and scared.

I still remember that year; it was one day before my birthday. I was, of course, super excited for tomorrow. So after the recess in that particular day, I came back to my class and found a letter on my desk. I was curious at first, but when I opened it, it said “U SHOULD DIE”. It was very heartbreaking. I did not tell anybody at all. I cried the whole day, secretly.

And in the middle of the year, I received another hate letter. I still keep that one too.

I don’t know if you can read it clearly, but it actually wrote:

“Safiya, baik kau keluar dari sekolah ni sekarang. kalau tak, aku sendiri akan keluarkan kau! Dahla gedik! Pastu datang2 tiba2 nak dapat no. 1. KELUAR SEKARANG! GEDIK!”

Please pardon the language. I actually laugh at it when I read it now.

Oh dear.

There was also this one day when a girl from my class suddenly screaming at me, calling me names and insulted me. I know this may sound funny, since we were only eight, and things like this probably normal for students at 2nd grades, but imagine how I would felt at that moment of time. I could not take it anymore; I finally stood up for myself. I went and told one of the discipline teachers and luckily the girl had been warned.

Well I think I cried almost everyday in that particular year. So it wasn’t really a nice thing to reminisce when it comes to the memory of my 2nd grade 🙂

Probably I was the smartest (at least in my class, 2 Cemerlang, because I got a first place in the final exam and I felt really-really tiny at that moment, and scared if I might get another hate letter), but I wasn’t the happiest. Didn’t expect to experience such a bad year. Like a normal new kid in the school, but, no.


p/s: I didn’t get any hate letters after the 2nd grade, but hey, to my surprise, I received a NEW hate letter on January 4th this year!

Maafkanlah kata-kata dia ya.

The icon on the letter looks familiar though, probably it was from the same person. Didn’t know why she hates me so much 🙂 but whoever she is, I want her to know that I am not holding any grudges on her, I wish her nothing but the best and hopefully one day she will change.


This is me when I was 8. At least the Ostrich was nice to me! 😀


Thanks for reading 🙂

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